About HAPPI….where we are HAPPI-ning in the world :)

healing communities through expressive arts & other healing modalities


Healing Arts Peace Projects International (or HAPPI 🙂 ) is a collaboration  among expressive arts therapists and individuals, institutions, organizations and communities who primarily serve women and children who are victims of political and social injustice, who are at-risk or victims of human trafficking or abuse of any kind.   If called upon, we may also serve any person in a society who are marginalized due to mental, physical, economic, ethnic, gender, or religious reasons.

We use the arts such as MUSIC, DRAMA, VISUAL ARTS, MOVEMENT and  SPOKEN AND WRITTEN LANGAUGE as mediums to help people express their voices.   Expression in itself is healing but also education and witnessing as communication exchange is a powerful tool of transformation in for communities.

It is our mission and dream that through the arts, we generate change within communities from the inside-out and the ground up. What does that mean? We help people connect with their souls and their hearts and minds, to find and express their voices and embody the power to change the world by being peaceful, expressive and good.

WE BELIEVE HAPPINESS is a birthright and art is that spark that lights the wildfire of powerful, positive and peaceful change.

Please contact us for information or for services and collaborations.

2 thoughts on “About HAPPI….where we are HAPPI-ning in the world :)

  • i just returned from traveling in India last week it . it was an amazing trip. We traveled throughout Rajhastan and met many different types of people. We witnessed the extreme poverty there and saw the need for so much to be done to empower people. my daughter was doing some amazing work with an NGO her work focused on womens educationa and the rights of migrant workers.
    i am an experienced art therapist and i have been working in the field for 26 years. i am interested in the programs which are being offered over the summer. i am always interested in working with new populations and feel that with all of my experience i have a lot to offer as well as a lot to learn. i would love the opportunity to speak to directly to get some more information. i can be contacted at the registered email.
    Thanks so much.
    Elisa Ssweig Boston, Ma

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