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How to Help

If you would like to donate please click on the PayPal link below! Or contact us for in-kind donations such as art supplies or volunteering wherever you are in the world!

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Want to Volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers for fundraising, logistical expertise, marketing, direct care, and grant writing. Both virtual/remote and Bay Area, California. Please get in touch!

Currently we need help financially for developing the following projects


Local Partnership

India working with a local organization helping women in the slums of Mumbai


Staff Training

Training staff at a Haitian orphanage


Support for Single Mothers

Offering services to single moms and survivors of domestic violence in Nepal


Continued Support

Returning to Greece to collaborate offering trauma-informed mental health interventions


Arts Therapy

Putting arts therapy boots on the ground for earthquake victims.


HIV & Poverty

Collaborating with a women’s org in Nairobi, Kenya to train staff and work with women who have been affected by HIV and poverty


Youth in the Streets

Providing more and longer term training to staff in Vietnam working with youth on the streets