I am Ally Guida Smith, licensed Marriage and Family therapist in California, Founder and Director of HAPPI.  I specialize in Expressive Arts Therapy and also teach yoga and mindfulness.  I work internationally with children and adults in individual, family and group format.  I am a mama to two beautiful children am currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area where I work with children, adults and families in psychotherapy primarily using trauma-informed, somatic and expressive arts oriented therapies (in Spanish and English).   I am singer of devotional songs, poet, photographer and humanitarian-at-heart.  I have a nomadic spirit and feel called to travel and live in different cultures exchanging joy, healing and laughter.

HAPPI came into being after many years of living and traveling abroad while expanding my inner and outer lives as an arts therapist, yogi and wanderer with a mission.  There are many beautiful people in the world, particularly girls and women, who do not easily find a way to express their voices or find freedom, or the ways are made hard or impossible by the political, economic and cultural aspects of their lives.  Whatever the language, art is a universal language that we not only understand with our brains but with our inner hearts and minds.  It is a bridge between souls and can transform the lives of the artist and witness.

Our mission is to bring the expressive arts- music, drama, visual arts and writing, movement/dance and yoga to any and all people who need and want our services.  It is a global, community-based, on-the-ground effort that we hope will be able to sustain and spread with financial, volunteer and heart-felt support.

Thank you for your interest and support!

HAPPI TEAM:   HAPPI interns vary from project to project, as well as volunteers but they are integral part of our international offerings.

Ali Guida Smith, LMFT – Founder, Executive Director


Nicholas Smith, Treasurer

Karen Rodriguez, Secretary

Bryan Altaker, Clinical Member

Alicia Casteneda, Member (Past Chairman)

Thao Bui, Member

Dr. Albert Agard, Chairman

4 thoughts on “ABOUT THE HAPPI TEAM

  • Hi Ali!
    We wanted to connect because of similar visions. We run an art therapy school in Bangkok and Tokyo- an intensive program. I am an LMFT and grad of Loyola Marymount art therapy but live in Victoria,BC now, commuting to Asia regularly to teach. We may have practicum students interested in working with you in Thailand, although none of them are MFT trainees at this point. Are you a registered art therapist able to provide supervision to art therapist interns?

  • Hi Ali,

    I am very excited to come across a California trained therapist who has a passion for international work.

    I am a MFTI from California currently spending a couple of years in India as my husband pursues a work assignment here. We plan on returning to SF Bay Area when we can.

    I am curious to learn more about your work in Asia especially with women and girls. Perhaps there is potential in expanding it to India where there is a huge women’s movement underway!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Tina Aggarwal

  • Hello

    I’m interested in your organization and helping it if you do silent auction events. I would like to contribute to your auction help raise funds. Please let me know.

    Kat 😉 from my iPhone

    Move with life, add dimension & enjoy

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